Tonight I Dined: Twisted Root Burger Co.

In Shreveport, a short hop from the LSU campus is Twisted Root Burger Co. , a cool burger joint with a full bar in an open space with a nice patio. There are good tunes playing, a friendly staff, and overall great ambiance. I made sure to check this place out because often veggie burgers are not vegan and so instead of prying the waiter for the ingredients, I skip out. Not here, they have a quinoa, chickpea, black bean patty that is labelled vegan! I ordered a create-your-own with burger on a whole wheat bun topped sautéed onions, and loaded it with pickles from the pickle bar (there are multiple flavors to choose from...take as much as you want, pickle connoisseurs!). Oh, there was lettuce, onion, ketchup and mustard too. The flavor of the burger was really great, the only draw back was that the sandwich fell apart a bit...that's ok, I just grabbed a fork and got back to business. Stay and chill awhile at Twisted Root with your vegan burger, pickles, and a local brew, it's a great time.
Do you want a vegan burger with those pickles?