Tonight I Dined: Graze

I checked out the new vegan restaurant Graze in Nashville. I first heard about its opening a few weeks on, so I was excited to hit it up while I was in town. Graze is a cute restaurant that has a limited food menu (but breakfast all day!!!) and a large juice/smoothie selection. I ordered the breakfast biscuit that was comprised of a tofu omelette, vegan sausage, arugula, and chipotle sauce. The portion was sizable for the price ($7) and it came stacked high on a small plate. The biscuits were a bit dry so the sandwich fell apart somewhat (and it was hard to keep it all on the tiny plate). The veggie sausage had really great flavor and the sauce was to die for. The tofu omelette however (when tasted on its own) was lacking seasoning and was a little mushy. All together,  though, when tasting all of the components in one bite, the salt level was good. Maybe these are growing pains of a new restaurant...I would definitely try Graze again because the dishes coming out to other customers looked fantastic and I love to support 100% plant-based establishments. Next time maybe I'll order something other than breakfast...and request a bigger plate.