Tonight I Dined: 4square Gifts

It's my goal to visit all 13 presidential libraries. So while in Little Rock of course I visited the Bill Clinton library. Today made library #3, and I hope to visit #4 before the end of 2016! A short walk down the street from the library is the River Market district. There I found a combination gift shop and vegetarian cafe called 4square Gifts. There is a fairly large menu for this small kiosk and several vegan options marked with a (v). I ordered the hummus tofu wrap which came with a bag of potato chips. The tofu and fresh veg was great, and I'm a sucker for grill marks on anything. The hummus was good but not the star of the dish...I eat hummus several times a week so it has to be really special to knock my socks off (maybe my tastebuds are hummus fatigued and hard to impress lol). The staff was really friendly, but just note you will be eating at tables amid shoppers, so if it is a nice day, find a seat down by the river!

Extra thought: I wish I could have dined at the library because they have a full cafe. Bill Clinton eats a plantbased diet, so I figured they would have some (or lots!) of vegan options...but to no avail!
Grilled wrap. Complete with grill marks.