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The Best of 2021 According to the Vegan Experimentalist

To mark the end of another weird year, I'm again curating a 'best of' list with categories chosen by yours truly. It's a way to highlight the best things I ate (all vegan, of course) in 2021.  Cheers to a New Year filled with delicious vegan food! Now that I'm located in Chicago, I am looking forward to trying new restaurants in the Midwest!  Handy-Guide: (O) omnivore business, but labels vegan (VG) vegetarian business (V) vegan business Best overall meal Everything I get @ Unit Su Vege (VG) in Philadelphia, PA Scallion pancake, cashew tofu, green beans, eggplant and tofu, bean sprout spring rolls. I could eat it again and again. And oh, did I. Best handheld Build-your-own arepa @ Somos (O) in New Haven, CT The star is the guasacaca sauce made with avocado and cilantro, it's just so fresh with a little tanginess. I fill the corn arepa high with tofu sofrito, plantains, black beans, and pickled red onion. Best ice cream Soft serve @ Vaca's Creamery (V) in

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