While I haven't been posting here regularly, I'm still going to curate my 'best of' list with for 2023. It's a way to highlight the best things I ate (all vegan, of course) in 2023. Once again, wishing you a New Year filled with delicious vegan food! 


(O) omnivore business, but labels vegan

(VG) vegetarian business

(V) vegan business

Best overall meal

Mirisata (V) Portland, ME

I'm a sucker for multi-component plates. I love trying a little of this, little of that, especially when each item is this flavorful. What a sublime experience at this all-vegan Sri Lankan restaurant. I had the curry plate of the day, string hoppers, and watalappan (cardomom flan).

Runner up: Dervish (V) Berlin, Germany

What a meal. Truly a prime dining experience. Watch my full review here!

Best baked good (sweet)

Cinnamon bun @ Shoofly (V) Portland, OR

This PNW vegan bakery is a delightful nod to Pennsylvania Dutch sweet treats. 

Best baked good (savory)

 Jalapeno cashew cheeze galette @ SPLIT Bakehouse (V) San Diego, CA

I got this at Moe Coffee shop. It has an exquisite combination of flavors that will knock your socks off.

Best tofu dish

Bean curd homestyle @  Su Xing House (VG) in Philadelphia, PA

No one does tofu like Su Xing. No one. 

Runner up: Agedashi tofu @ Alice and Friends' (V) in Chicago, IL

The light, salty broth perfectly compliments the fried tofu. The dish comes with nori, but I always ask to keep it off. 

Best pizza

Hot Tongue Pizza (V) in Los Angeles, CA

I'm all about chewy square pizzas, more bang in each bite. Love the char on all of their slices.

Runner up: Planty Pizza (V) in Vienna, Austria

This pizza was fresh and flavorful. The crust was chewy and dotted with my favorite well-done bubbles.

Best breakfast

Toasted bread with corn, chantarelles, tomato, and basil @ Lychees (V) in Warsaw, Poland

This was such an unusual combination. Why does avocado toast get all the love? Bring on the corn schmear!

Best composed dessert

Germkn√∂del Bodhi (V) in Nuremberg, Germany 

This perfectly pillowy yeast bun filled with plum in a warm custard sauce blew my mind.

Best dish with potatoes

Perogies @ Vege Miasto (V) in Warsaw, Poland 

I'm crying thinking I will never have such delicious perogies. What a spectacular experience. They really shine in their boiled preparation.

Runner up: Lemon garlic potatoes @ Aladdin (O) in Houston, TX 

Look how golden these potatoes are. While I'm a ketchup person, while at Aladdin, dipping these babies into the pomegranate eggplant stew is a must.

Most eaten restaurant

Demera (O) in Chicago, IL

Conveniently located very close to an 'L' stop, I frequently go to the Demera location in West Loop's Time Out Market (their full-size restaurant is in Uptown). All of the vegetarian dishes are vegan, and I usually opt for the veggie messob with misir wot (berbere red lentils), kik alicha (turmeric yellow split peas), and tickle gomen (cabbage and carrots). For a lighter dish, I get the cherry tomato salad with a slide of injera. Splendid always.