Tonight I Dined: B52 Cafe

I ate lunch at the hip B52 Cafe on 52nd street in Pittsburgh (I see what they did there...). I squeezed my way into the corner seat at the bar in order to avoid a was cozy, but I was hungry. I ordered the soup of the day, which was lentil and a shitake mushroom flatbread. The soup was extremely flavorful and was garnished with fresh herbs and lemon. It was one of the best soups I have had, and I am going to work hard to create something this delicious with lentils in my kitchen! The flatbread dough was super yummy and was topped with juicy mushrooms and greens. The simple flavors really shined with a nice accent of olive oil. For dessert, I got an iced chai to-go, the tea wasn't very spicy but it was delightfully creamy from the housemade almond milk. This spot is not to be missed if you're in Pittsburgh!