Tonight I Dined: Heine Brothers

In the morning I stopped by a coffeeshop with plans to grab a hot tea and a bagel and do some blogging.  I found local chain Heine Brothers' Coffee and to my surprise there was a vegan breakfast soyrizo wrap and a vegan Philly cheesesteak wrap in their cold case by local brand Najla's. Even though it was breakfast I went with the Philly wrap because a Philly is great anytime morning, noon or night. The baristas heated up the wrap on the grill so it came out ooey and gooey with vegan cheese, seitan, onions and green peppers. The sauce it came with was nice, but I only used a little because the wrap was already so flavorful. The one drawback, probably because this item was pre-made then reheated, was the the wrap was a little greasy. A little grease never hurt anyone, yummy!