Tonight I Dined: Central Perks

I’ve heard a lot about Marshall, TX since the mayor went vegan in 2014, prompting this small town Texas to start a get-healthy movement. And they also have been promoting a plant based diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. So this is a surprising haven for vegans with lots of options at local establishments. On the main drag, Washington St., there is a coffee shop called Central Perks in a general store with an entirely separate vegan menu. You can eat inside the store, or they have nice tables set up outside. Upon the recommendation of the staff I ordered the fiesta steak salad with their homemade spicy black bean burger, yellow peppers, tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, cilantro and candied jalapeƱos with a cilantro ranch sauce. This was so delicious, every bite was so fresh, and the burger had so much flavor. The ranch dressing sauce wasn’t heavy like I was anticipating, just a fresh punch of cilantro and was perfect on a hot day.
Pro Tip: they sell Alternative Baking Co. vegan cookies so make sure to grab some!
Vegan Fiesta Steak Salad
The small street was anything but quiet, there were people
showcasing their classic cars, live music, a business ribbon
 cutting, and the Get Fit Marshall booth