Something I Tried: Whole Foods Vegan Pizza by the Slice

Ok, so I've had Whole Foods pizza by the slice is actually one of the cheaper to-go meals in Whole Foods Kirby priced at 2 for $6. I've always liked it and the toppings usually include Daiya cheese and some fancy veg (like artichoke and olives!). Recently, the offering was a cheeseless pizza. Totally normal, I like that. In fact, I grew up eating cheeseless pizza before Daiya came into my life. But the toppings...I think someone haphazardly reached their hand into the fridge blindfolded and grabbed whatever they felt for the toppings, because the combination was weird: red onion, spinach, broccoli, black bean, corn, and hazelnut crusted Field Roast. It tasted ok, but it was just weird. Whole Foods, please go back to something more reasonable for pizza toppings. I am a vegan, a human vegan, not an alien that doesn't know that corn shouldn't be on pizza.