Tonight I Dined: Imagine Vegan Cafe

I stopped by Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis to get some take away. It's a cute little house on the corner with really friendly and informative staff. After a difficult few minutes with their awesome menu, I decided on a cup of gumbo with cornbread and garlic kale sides. The gumbo consistency is something I wish I could achieve in my own kitchen (I'm roux challenged). The flavors are well developed and there are bits of veggies and mock meat that pair perfectly with the fragrant rice. The cornbread gets a 10/10. It is exactly how cornbread should taste and the texture holds together nicely (no crumbs here!). The garlic kale was a good decision to lighten the meal with some green, and bring its own bold flavor. I am going back to Imagine next time I'm in Memphis for sure!