Tonight I Dined: Aladdin's revisited

I've reviewed Aladdin restaurant before, and you can find that post here. I recently moved back into the neighborhood (now I can walk there and avoid a hellish parking situation so typical of Houston), and I thought that it's worth reminding the internet world how amazing this Mediterranean feast is. I got a to-go box (this pup probably weighed 2 pounds...and may or may not have been consumed in one sitting) that included: cold lentil salad, tabbouleh, fried cauliflower, cilantro potatoes, and stewed eggplant over cashew cranberry rice. It's a flavor bomb for days.

Pro Tip: Bring your wine bottle(s) cause it's BYOB (with no corkage fee!). Then walk or Uber home with a really full belly.
Damn Aladdin.