Something I Tried: Daiya Cheezy Mac

I am an adult that really loves boxed vegan mac and cheese....probably because I finished out my childhood watching my three sisters eat boxed favorites like Lipton Soup Secrets and Kraft after I went veg. 
Fast forward many I'm a connoisseur and won't settle for just any box...not after waiting so long for a vegan version! By far my favorite is Earth Balance brand. It is sooo much like the aforementioned hazmat spill yellow Kraft mac and cheese, but slightly less yellow.
I have seen the Daiya Cheezy Mac Cheddar Style on the shelves, but have been hesitant to buy it, because it costs a dollar or 2 more than Earth Balance. Also, I like gluten in my noodles and this has brown rice noodles. After months of shelf lurking, I took the plunge, and I live to tell the tale.
The verdict: Even though I was nervous about the brown rice elbows, the cheese sauce is so on point and brings the dish together. It is both tasty and easy to make because the cheese comes ready-to-eat (unlike powder that requires "butter" and non-dairy milk). I would rate this a 7, but award an extra star for exceeding expectations by far.