Tonight I Dined: Three Carrots

City Market is an awesome place to check out in downtown Indianapolis. There are so many different vendors, and even though I visited during breakfast time, people were chowing down on all different kinds of cuisines. I really came for the plantbased Three Carrots stand in the market...and after being torn looking at their delicious menu, I ordered the vegan gyro (their best seller). I was. Blown. Away. The homemade seitan on this sandwich was the juiciest I have ever had, and it wasn't dense like the store bought stuff. It tasted like it had been simmered for hours, resulting in awesome taste and texture. Now let's talk about the produce and how there must be something in the Indy water because the lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes were so, so fresh. The pita bread was fluffy and crisp from the grill and the sauce was the perfect way to pull each bite together (and not heavy at all!). The meal from Three Carrots was absolutely a treat, and I will have dreams about their seitan until we meet again!