Tonight I Dined: Voss Creamery

Thank goodness for social media...because sometimes no matter how thoroughly I search for vegan food around town, options don't always appear in my Google Search. I found this next place, Voss Creamery, tagged on Instagram. It's an ice cream shop that has soft serve tofu ice cream...and I would have never known!

The tofu ice cream is super creamy and really flavorful...there are some vegan toppings like nuts but I don't think it needs anything else! The texture has more body than vegan frozen yogurt from TCBY or pinkberry, and it's fantastic...This actually really reminded me of Neo's Frozen Yogurt in the Galleria area that closed down in 2013 (I'm still mourning this loss because not only was the soft serve delicious, but Neo himself was the greatest). I'm so excited to know about this dessert option as these 80-degree days will turn into 90-degrees pretty soon!