Something I Tried: Follow Your Heart Provolone

I'm always up for trying new cheezes, and at the moment I really love the soft nut cheezes on the market (see Miyoko's, Treeline, and Kite Hill). But one drawback is just few ounces could be run up to $10...and that's not an investment I want to make every week or two. I was in the mood for having some bread with cheeze and as I was browsing the refrigerated section of Whole Foods I found this single serve slice of Follow Your Heart Provolone. I haven't seen these single serve packages in any other stores, although the full-size package is in many grocery stores around Houston. I really like this ($1) single serve option, because I could buy a few, use it them I want, and the product won't go bad if I don't use the whole package.

This cheeze tasted a lot like provolone (from what I can remember...). It was a light, but distinct taste and smell. It had a hard cheeze texture and cut well into little squares for serving on my baguette. I didn't try it melted, but I think I would actually like it better that way. I don't think this is objectively more tasty than any of my fave soft cheezes, but it is true to it's provolone promise, and delivers on delicious-ness.