Something I Tried: Battle of the Cookiedoughs

Something very exciting about vegan cookie dough is that it doesn't pose a health risk like traditional cookie dough which contains raw eggs (and possibly salmonella). But let's be honest, vegans and non-vegans alike eat their respective cookie doughs...I know I was guilty of it back in the day. Vegan ready-made cookie dough is a relatively new phenomenon, and I'm ecstatic about it, considering I lived about a dozen vegan years without them!

Now on to the head-to-head product review. The two entrants are cookie doughs created by the national brands EatPastry (bought at Whole Foods) and Hampton Creek (bought at Target).

EatPastry                                                              Hampton Creek
--5 flavors (2 are) Gluten-free flavors            --3 flavors
--14 oz container                                                --14 oz container
--soft texture, very scoopable                          --hard to eat with spoon straight from fridge
--raw dough flavor OK                                      --raw dough flavor EXCELLENT
--baked cookie fell apart easily                        --baked cookie had ideal texture
--$$  moderately expensive                              --$ cheaper

Both cookie doughs are tasty and a super convenient way for non-bakers to get a cookie straight from the oven, but with 3 points to 2, Hampton Creek edges out EatPastry in this round!
Competitor 1: EatPastry
Competitor 2: Hampton Creek