Tonight I Dined: Cinnamon Snail

On my way home from Europe I had to stopover in NYC for the night. Flying into JFK at night and having a domestic flight the next day from Newark is not all that convenient FYI. 

But there's an upside!

If you take the train into Penn Station, take the stairs to exit the station and you will find a hip new food court called The Pennsy. Cinnamon Snail is all-vegan food stall with an insanely delicious menu and a bakery case to-die-for. The menu is small, but it was still a hard choice to choose among the delicious options.

The Youtuber MommyTang has got me hankering for kimchi quite a bit, so I ordered the Korbean BBQ Seitan. The portion was huge and served on a large grilled tortilla and stuffed with spicy seitan, arugula, and housemade kimchi. The deliciousness had no bounds, but unfortunately my ability to handle the spicy-ness was! This dish is not for those casual spicy lovers, you must be all-in.

I also got a Thai Basil donut. Repeat: Thai Basil vegan donuts exist in the world! This one was covered with crispy toasted coconut flakes and the flavor pairing is as fantastic as you would imagine.

Protip for Penn Station: If don't have ample time to go upstairs to The Pennsy, grab a sandwich or salad to-go from the cold case at Chickpea on the station level. There are so many labelled vegan options including: chik'un salad, eggless salad, and falafel.