Ash Reshteh

I love soups, but I tend to have the same few in my rotation. I wanted to make something a little different and I found this Persian soup recipe, which was almost vegan, and took the next step and made it 100% plant-based. My version is not totally authentic because I wasn't able to find the speciality ash reshteh noodles, but I used some fettuccine as a substitute because they are both flat and wide. In addition to the bunches of herbs, make sure you add a good amount of salt, black and white pepper...because this is the base of the soup.

In my version I obviously skipped on the whey topping, but you could use a homemade cashew cream sauce. I think a drizzle of cashew would look wonderful and give the soup an additional creaminess that would be delightful. I did however add the thinly sliced sauteed onion rings topping. These added so much flavor to the soup, I would not skimp on these!