Tonight I Dined: The Bagel Hood

Throwback Thursday! I forgot to post this delicious breakfast I had in Barcelona...and even though it was eaten last month, it was too good not to mention on the blog, so here it goes.

Bagels are hard to come by in Spain, although baguettes and pastries are not. It seemed like every other storefront was a bakery with a filled window display of things that were probably not vegan, but looked tasty. The Bagel Hood is a small specialty bagel shop that labels the vegan options so I was so relieved I could get not just a bagel, but a bagel sandwich. This toasted bagel has tofu, spinach, sautéed mushrooms and tomato. I also got a twisted potato skewer on the side. The chef was really nice and when he knew I was vegan, he made sure to tell me the house ketchup and BBQ sauce was totally vegan. Yaaas, barbacoa!

The bagel was absolutely delicious! Although as a former Northeastern-er, I must say this Spanish bagel was not like an authentic NY or Philly bagel. The taste was really great, but it was more dense and the texture was somehow completely different. The potato twist was totally up my alley...although I've never had one for breakfast before (and now will always think this spud is THE perfect accompaniment for the most important meal of the day). I'm always happy to have a hearty breakfast option that's vegan, because it kept me full for a long day of walking around the city. They are also open through dinner Thursday-Sunday, so you can hit up the Hood whenever a bagel mood strikes!