Something I Tried: The Beyond Burger

The Beyond Meat peeps finally got wise and sent their Beyond Burger down here to the grocery shelves of Texas. The wait for it to arrive was excruciating (my YouTube history is littered with vegan taste tests). I spotted the product in Whole Foods and grabbed a box. I served the burger up on a grilled whole wheat bun with tomato, red onion, spinach and ketchup. On the side I had some kettle chips and some raw sauerkraut from Trader Joe's (side note: I freaking love pickles, but leave them out of your fermented cabbage TJ's). Here is my review of The Beyond Burger experience:

Packaging: Seems way too much plastic and paper. Par it down to please this Treehugger.

Raw Appearance: Yup, looks like meat...OMG, is that meat? [Pokes with finger], ew, it's sticky like meat!

Cooking Experience: I cooked it in a 'lil Earth Balance. This burger releases A LOT of juices. That definitely distinguishes it from the other veggie burgers on the market. The smell is also faintly more "meaty" when cooking...maybe that's from all the juices doing their juicy thing. And Pro Tip, Make sure to season both sides with salt and pepper at this stage. It's necessary for maximum enjoyment. I know this because I seasoned my first and the next day forgot to season the second. Much disappoint.

The Taste: Mmmmmm. Mouth full with delicious burger-ness. Can't talk. Really the taste is great! Although I realize that's in part due to me going all-in with the toppings and grilling dat bun. I think it tastes somewhat "meaty" but it was not enough to psych me out.

The Verdict: It's more pricey than frozen vegan burgers for sure, but the taste is seriously amped up. The patties are thick and have a great texture, especially when you sear the outside and the inside is still medium-rare, lol. I would definitely recommend The Beyond Meat Burger when you're in the mood for a gourmet at-home vegan burger experience.
It's here!

The finished product. All dolled up.