Something I Tried: Nada Moo Pistachio

I have never actually had a vegan pistachio ice cream...and one of my favorite scenes from a movie of my childhood is the ice cream truck scene from Corky Romano and it always makes me want pistachio flavor. As an adult, I now realize this scene is actually sad...because this adult character can't actually read...but it's ridiculous because he is asking for non-standard flavors on a menu with only 3 flavors listed. JUST ask for VANILLA, I scream! Nonetheless, even with it's 6% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, Corky Romano has and always will be one of the funniest movies of all time. ALL TIME.

...Anyway, I finally got my hands on Nada Moo's pistachio ice cream. It's been around a while on the shelves of my local Whole Foods and HEB, but its usually sold out. I've had the Nada Moo brand before and it's ultra creamy and delicious. I had high expectations for the pistachio flavor. Turns out, maybe I don't love the pistachio flavor..or more likely, that the pistachio flavored things that I had pre-vegan are "artificially" flavored. You know, like how grape Jolly Rancher's do not taste anything like real grapes. Come on, who are you trying to fool Hershey's (aka Jolly Rancher's parent company)?? Anyway, could a vegan ice cream brand go against all things natural and create an artificially flavored pistachio ice cream? No nuts required!