Something I Tried: Trader Joe's Nutritional Yeast

This week I haven't been cooking anything interesting, just the same old rice and beans and pasta dishes. So here I go with another product review...and this review may be the most vegan of all because it's for nooch!

Trader Joe's Nooch is the 3rd brand I've had, behind Bragg's and Red Star. It comes in a 4 oz bag, and (don't quote me) I think is a better buy per ounce than the others. I wish I had saved some of my Bragg's so I could have done a blind taste test. I did however save the Bragg's container, because I knew with this packaging it would be a hassle to serve...I like to shake nooch out like parmesan, not spoon it out of a bag.  

As for the flavor, this nooch has the trademark cheeziness...I don't think I can actually tell the difference between this and the others. It's just dern good. Well done Trader Joe's, well done.