Tonight I Dined: Israel Edition

In honor of this week being Passover here's a long overdue post of some vegan things I ate while visiting Israel last year...

In this suburb of Tel Aviv you must visit Doctor Shakshuka. The english menu had vegan shakshuka (labeled!!!!) which is a tomato sauce with mushrooms, eggplant and peppers which comes in a sizzling pan. Shakshuka is traditionally served with a sunny side up egg but the vegan version comes sans egg ;)
View of Jaffa from Tel Aviv

Four Flavors Falafel. This is a little storefront where you pick your falafel flavors, toppings, and take the pita to-go. I got my pita with hummus, tahini, all four flavors of falafel and topped it with fried eggplant, pickles and carrots.

Fresh Kitchen and Coffee is located in the first train station of Jerusalemwhich is now converted into an outdoor shopping plaza and flea market. The menu has a lot of vegan options that are all labelled. Also located in the Train Station is a vegan-friendly smoothie bar and a small health food store with local vegan products and some from around the world.


Fricassee Zehava (no website, scroll to the 2nd entry for info). The Tunisian woman who hand makes everything knows what vegan is, but doesn't speak English, so make sure you have someone who speaks Hebrew with you! I ordered the Tunisian couscous with broth and veggies. She was proud that everything was handmade and even showed me how she made the couscous.
A home in Tzifat

Tel Aviv

Bar Ochel  in the shuk Hacarmel market has a "Not Meat" side of the menu...I ordered the fried cauliflower with tahini and tomatoes. It was served with fresh flavorful.
Entrance to the market

Fried cauliflower and tahini