Lentil Curry

Sometimes when I'm lacking veg-spiration I peruse vegan Twitter and look at all the delicious food pics. I recently found this recipe for Lentil Curry with coconut rice. I tweaked the recipe a bit, but remained true to the essence of a curry. I didn't have garam masala so I subbed some curry powder and used more tomatoes. The lentils were incredible, with just a little heat from the jalapeno, and a really well rounded flavor. The coconut rice however did not wow me. I think my 10 year old rice cooker has issues with liquids that aren't water...so the coconut milk rice cooked very unevenly (with the top really crunchy). Also, while I know that coconut fat is not the worst fat you could consume, it does add a lot of fat and calories to the rice without adding much flavor. Next time around, I'd stick with regular jasmine rice.