Tonight I Dined: Pizza L'Vino

I had a coupon in the mail from Pizza L'vino in Houston so of course they had my attention. This take-away/delivery pizza shop has thin crust and regular vegan crust, although their Chicago deep dish is not vegan-friendly (but I'm waiting to try some in the Windy City itself one day). You can create-your-own pizza or on the menu is a pizza called the Viva Las Vegan. The pizza starts with a marinara base with spinach, portobello, cauliflower, onion, and lots and lots of roasted garlic. They don't have any non-dairy cheese options, but who needs a little Daiya with all these yummy ingredients.

Tasty, but...I will say that the crust had pretty much no integrity and the amount of EVOO made it soggy. Also maybe a vegan cheese would have held all the toppings on the pizza, because they all slid off when I lifted the slice (definitely a fork and knife pizza!). Also...I usually shake some garlic powder and red chili flakes on my pizzas, but I've never had to salt a pizza in mah life. Unfortunately the pizza was screaming for salt to bring out the flavors of the veggies. Overall, this was a good attempt at vegan pizza with delicious toppings, but it fell very flat.