Something I Tried: Forager Cashewgurt

I have seen Forager around the interwebs being nommed on by fellow vegans, but I had never catched it IRL...until I spotted it in my local Whole Foods, and wouldn't you know, it was on sale.

This review is for the lemon flavor, although I stocked up and also have vanilla and blueberry awaiting me in my fridge. The creaminess of this cashew milk "yogurt alternative" (so says the package) is outstanding. Sometimes I rip through a cup of yogurt and it feels like I didn't eat anything because it was so light, but the body on this cashewgurt makes it feel like a solid serving. The lemon flavor itself was very, very light. I am someone who looooves lemony things, so that was a bit disappointing...although I wonder if too much lemon would curdle the cashewgurt. Also, the sweetness level was subtle, which is perfect for me. Many vegan yogurts on the market are too sweet...but this would be perfect to serve with some fruit and granola.

Here, here for this might be my new favorite brand. I also need to get around to tasting Forager's other product lines: cashew milk, root chips, and pressed juices.