Tonight I Dined: Crumbville, TX

I recently stopped by the Crumbville, TX pop-up shop in Houston's Third Ward (it's a pop-up shop because they don't bake on site and it's not the permanent location). Apparently they also sell to Sunshine's Deli but I hadn't tried any of their baked goods there before.

I got to the shop right as they were opening and the owner let me in to browse as she unloaded her van. She was super friendly and gave me a tour of what was vegan. There are two main vegan products: cookies, and cupcakes with cookies stuffed inside (whaatttt kind of sorcery is this?!?). I got the blueberry cupcake with a chocolate chip cookie and a strawberry cupcake with an almond butter cookie. Say that 10 times fast.

These things are it's a serious cupcake experience. I usually would have no problem eating a cupcake in one sitting, but I had to save some for later...wowza. My favorite part was the icing, you can tell there is real fruit coloring and flavoring it. The cookie baked into the bottom was a cool little surprise even though I knew it was coming, and I honestly may never want a cupcake without a cookie ever again.