Tonight I Dined: Nu Vegan

In Baltimore, Nu Vegan is a staple in the plant-based community. I first went last February to their DC location (see what I ate here!). The College Park location in Maryland is light-filled and spacious. A drawback is the complex it is in is metered parking only (but if you get take-out and are quick, your first 15 minutes is only a quarter). 

It is so hard to choose at Nu Vegan. They have sides on sides all displayed Chipotle-style. I decided after much deliberation to get a 3-piece chik'n drummie with BBQ sauce and a side of garlic kale. This was delicious, despite the messy plating in the picture, which was my fault because it got rattled around in the car on the way home.

First things first, eater beware: the drummies have wooden dowels inside to mimic a drumstick, so be careful not to choke on it. This soy-based chik'n was so meaty, with a really nice chewiness and a fantastic crispy breading. The BBQ sauce was sweet with a little spice and was a necessary component of the dish (you could also get Buffalo as the dipping sauce, but the woman let me know it was pretty spicy). The kale was so flavorful, with a great mellow garlic flavor. I'm kicking myself for forgoing a slice of cornbread, it would have been great to sop up the garlicky juices from the kale! I had some leftover cake at home to eat up, or else I would have taken a nose dive into their selection of vegan desserts (cheezecake, pies, and cupcakes, oh my). It all looked absolutely divine!