Tonight I Dined: The GruB Factory

Oh yes, your eyes do not deceive you. This is a platter of thick cut french toast, tofu scramble and mac & cheese. All vegan, and all from the new The GruB Factory in Baltimore. This plant-based restaurant is serving up a small menu with a major perk, breakfast all day!

Hands down my favorite thing on the plate was the mac & cheese. It was creamy and perfectly seasoned. The french toast was crispy and sweet, and dipping it in the maple syrup was heavenly. The tofu scramble was also delicious, but not the standout for me because I make it at home a lot.

The GruB Factory is a pretty small space with about 6 tables, so if you go during peak hours, perhaps takeout would be better (also if you're sensitive to scents, they have incense burning, fyi). The walls are hand painted with a cool Egyptian and other African motifs and the staff are really friendly. Plus did I mention they have a bakery case with vegan donuts and bottles of locally brewed kombucha? Seriously check this place out if you're in the area!