Something I Tried: Tsiona Yellow Split Pea Dip

I have loved Ethiopian food since I first had it in West Philly during college, and it's always a treat to get a gigantic vegan sampler platter at a restaurant. And in true Philly fashion, one restaurant is even serving up Ethiopian Cheesesteaks. Sounds like I need this, someone please veganize and send a recipe stat!

A new first for today. Never before have I see ready-to-eat Ethiopian food in a grocery. But enter MOM's Organic Market and Tsiona Foods and cue Shania Twain's From This Moment On because I am changed. You know she's making a comeback right? 

There were three types of dips in the cold case. Two were spicy and this yellow split pea one was labelled mild. While intrigued, I don't trust myself with what could be lurking in the spicy. You never know if it's going to be spicy or, gotta throw this out cause I can't feel my tongue spicy after a single bite.

I served the dip warm, although the package does not instruct to do so, I would highly recommend. When I opened the lid, the aroma was wonderful. With that much kick, I knew it would be super flavorful. And it was. The split peas were tender and creamy and it was absolutely restaurant quality, and fresh. The package suggests to eat the split peas with injera...of course that's the perfect combination, but I've never seen injera in the store. To make this traditional bread is a process with a few days of fermentation. I had some pita that I used, and while it's no substitute for sour injera, it was a perfectly fine dipping vehicle.