Tonight I Dined: Nektar

I enjoy supporting local shops, but smoothie bars represent a challenge. I do not want to shell out $10 for a smoothie (that's 1.4 Chipotle sofritas bowls by my calculation) and chains have lower price points. I made my way to Nektar Juice Bar and I saw that they in addition to smoothies and juices, they also offer Skoop, non-dairy cashew ice cream (but contains honey...), and 3 flavors of chia parfaits.

Step aside smoothie, I'm going full chia. I picked up the berry parfait, which was just over $4 with tax (yay, that's cheaper than I expected). This was the creamiest chia pudding I've had, and it was not slightly crunchy like when I make it at home (I'm awful, ok!). The parfait was topped with strawberries and blueberries and had some granola to shake on like you're Salt Bae**. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect light dessert because most of the sweetness came from the fresh fruit.    

**I know this is old now. Still great though.