Fell's Point Farmer's Market

Yesterday I walked to the Fell's Point Farmer's Market along the waterfront. This season the market has relocated to a parking lot on South Caroline and Thames, because the main square has a lot of construction going on. Don't worry, the market is easy to spot with the rows of bright white tents.

I went specifically to try the vegan bakery, Sweet Duke's, and to my disappointment, they weren't there! Maybe they sold out early and packed it in? There were, however, plenty of other vendors offering vegan options including local jams and breads, and of course farmer's with tons of veggies.

I ended up getting a Gundalow juice called Sailor's Delight. It had tangerine, apple, raspberry, lemon, and a whisper of ginger. It was incredibly refreshing on my walk back home in the summer heat. It had a lower price point than most juices, at $5, but it was a small 10 oz. bottle (so per ounce, it rivals most other juices I've seen). 

I also stopped at a local pie purveyor, but the name escapes me (and they had no branding on their packaging, doh). So it will just have to suffice to talk about how delicious this single serve vegan black bean chili pie was! When I got home, I popped it into a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes as instructed to warm it up. As we all know, all great pies start with a great crust, and this crust was really well seasoned. There were even some herbs scattered throughout (did I detect some oregano?). The filling was a mixture of mildly spiced black beans and bell peppers that was flavorful and not dry--which is super important. It would have been perfect with some avocado to add a nice creaminess, but it was absolutely delectable on its own!