Something I Tried: Chia Viva!

How did we all live for so long thinking chia was just for "pets" (cha-cha-cha-chia)?

Nowadays, chia is one of the most popular superfoods health-nuts like to chow down on. And, when soaked in liquid, chia seeds plump up to create a really creamy consistency, so vegans love them for pudding. The other day I tried a fresh chia parfait from a smoothie shop, but pre-packaged grocery store chia puddings totally hold up. CVS pharmacy had a store brand that was exceptional (not sure if they make it anymore), believe it or not!

The Boulder, CO brand Chia Viva! has 6 flavors of chia pudding. The packaging doesn't have the vegan label on it, but the website clarifies that all flavors are indeed vegan. The flavors are totally unique: chocolate banana, cinnamon coconut, mocha latte, toasted coconut, vanilla bean, and sea salt chocolate. I got the sea salt chocolate (cause it was on sale) and here are my thoughts. (1) The texture is delightful, and spot-on with the creaminess level, maintaining that little crunch from the chia (2) the dark chocolate flavor is rich and intense, and compliments the more subtle coconut very well, and (3) it's too salty. Yes I know I opted for the salty flavor, but the serving contains 300 mg (13% DV) of sodium. All I wanted was a hint, a whisper of NaCl, but instead got a whole mouthful. Next time, I'll try one of their other flavors that fits my taste in what I'm looking for in a dessert a little better!