Something I Tried: Field Roast Breakfast Sausage

Today's post is a bit of a two-fer. It's a review of Van Gough Cafe in Baltimore and Field Roast Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage.

I went to Van Gough Cafe (...not misspelled, it's located on Gough Street!), a corner shop that is serving up delicious Kosher food with labelled vegan options. I went around breakfast time and picked up an everything bagel and an iced coffee. They've got non-dairy milk for your drink and even have Tofutti cream cheese spread. It was so tempting to support this option, but since I took my bagel to-go I just used Earth Balance "butter" when I got home. This was a good bagel, believe me. Large, chewy, and nice and crusty when toasted.

I also sautéed a few links of the Field Roast sausage to serve as an accompaniment to my bagel and fruit. I have always loved Field Roast products, but this turned out to be a surprising exception! With both the sweetness from the maple and the apple, it was just too sweet for "meat". I prefer a really savory sausage that I then can dip in maple syrup if I want some sweetness. The texture is great though, and I liked the aesthetic of the links, but the flavor isn't quite my cup of tea.