Something I Tried: Starbucks Avocado Spread

It is no a secret that I carry around vegan butter (and sometimes cream cheeze) in some tin foil in the morning if I'm heading out to grab a bagel. I call it BYOS--Bring Your Own Schmear. I BYOS when I order a bagel and some hash browns from Dunkin' Donuts (see how to order vegan at DD's here), and when I pick up one from Whole Foods or my local bagel shop. Einstein Bagels has an edge because it offers several vegan spreads: fruit jams, peanut butter, and delicious hummus.

Now Starbuck's lovers rejoice, to top their vegan bagel line you no longer have to BYOS! They've introduced a vegan organic Avocado Spread! This morning I stopped by my neighborhood Starbucks, and they were out of the green stuff. Undeterred, I went to a second location, and to my delight the avo spread was in the cold-case.

I think Starbucks is trying to cash-in on the love for Avocado toast with this one. And nowadays, it's not just vegans obsessing about this tree fruit (just open Instagram). This spread should really be called guacamole, because that's what it is (it's not just mashed Hass)! I've never had guac on a bagel, but this was so right. So right. It's creamy, slightly spicy from the jalapeno, with a nice brightness from some lime. And believe it or not, this avocado bagel is affordable...just $1.50 for the toasted bagel and $1 for the spread. I would take this any day over a $12 Avo Toast...cringe at that price point.