Something I Tried: Wild Kombucha

I'm on a continuous Quest (yes, it's that serious, that's a capital Q) to find delicious locally brewed kombucha. I spotted Mobtown Fermentation's kombucha in Whole Foods in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore and grabbed the elderberry flavor. They have 3 other flavors: mango peach, grapefruit ginger, and apple spice. What a fantastic sounding lineup for this tiny Baltimore fermentary.

The kombucha I usually drink comes in clear bottles, so it's exciting to get one that looks like a beer bottle (one drawback of the dark glass is that you can't gaze upon the SCOBY strands). When I popped the top (bottle opener necessary), the tea had a really nice smell. Often kombucha smells sour and off-putting.

With the elderberry and grape juice, this flavor really tasted like a light, fizzy wine. This description is spot on. I loved this so much, although it was on the sweet side of the sweet-sour spectrum. This kombucha is very drinkable and would pair well with salty food, even though I ate it with grapes and it was very tasty. I would say for those new to kombucha or don't like the real tangy stuff, this would be a favorite.

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