Something I Tried: Sunneen Foods

Ahhh being up in the Northeast gives me access to some of my favorite food brands that I've missed while in the Lone Star State. I've been eating Sunneen Foods for over a decade, and they have an endless array of dips, sandwiches, noodles, and cold salads. They are the ultimate convenience vegan food. Period.

Looking at the product page, I've tried at least 75% of Sunneen's delicious options. It is hard to pick a favorite, but today I'm raving about an old standby, the vegan turkey sub. But let's be clear, I will forgive the Pennsylvania-based Sunneen foods this once, it's called a *hoagie*, not sub.

The sub is turkey salad with soy pieces mixed in a vegan mayo. The sandwich is on a thick sesame wheat roll served with lettuce, tomato, and onion. This sandwich is everything I want in a grab-and-go option. Hearty and fla-vor-ful. Obviously a drawback of this kind of food is the bread is usually soggier than if made fresh, but I'm willing to deal. Also I love a good tang and saltiness, so if I had a pickle spear, that would have amped it up for me (I think Sunneen tries to limit sodium, as it is a health food company).

As awesome as this turkey sub was, I'm picking up the Buffalo Wing sandwich next. Because that's how awesome Sunneen Foods is, they stuff spicy vegan wings between two slices of bread.