Biscuits N' Sausage Gravy

Yesterday afternoon I was flipping through Veganomicon looking for lunch ideas. I saw the recipe for leek stew with biscuits and got all aflutter. It looked dee-licious, but honestly it was really hot and I was in no mood for a stew, but biscuits...I could do. And nothing goes better with biscuits than gravy. Nothing.

So I followed the book's recipe for the biscuits (but baked them on a baking sheet instead of topping the stew). Then I made my own creamy mushroom sausage gravy. For a side I made crispy potato wedges. And oh what a meal this was. 

Biscuits N' Sausage Gravy
~15 white button mushrooms (washed and scrubbed, small dice)
1/2 small onion (small dice)
4-5 garlic cloves (minced)
1/2 package seitan crumbles (I used Upton's Natural Italian because it had the seasoning I was looking for. If you use unseasoned seitan, you might want to spice it up further)
1 Tbsp vegan butter
2 Tbsp flour
3/4 C vegetable broth
1/4 C unsweetened non-dairy milk
1/2 tsp rosemary
1/4 tsp thyme
white pepper
black pepper
green onions (or other fresh herb)

1. In a skillet or wok add vegan butter and 1-2 tsp of EVOO and heat to low-medium. Add onions and cook 4-5 minutes until they begin to brown slightly. Add garlic and cook another 1-2 minutes.
2. Add mushrooms and a little salt. Cook 5-6 minutes or until mushrooms have released a lot of juice. 
3. Sprinkle on flour and stir well. Flour should coat mushrooms well (and you shouldn't be able to see it anymore). Cook 1-2 minutes.
4. Add seitan, veggie broth, non-dairy milk, rosemary, thyme, white pepper, black pepper, and a little salt (to taste depending on how salty your veggie broth was). Bring to a boil and then turn heat to the lowest setting and simmer until you reach your desired gravy consistency (note, when removed from the heat, gravy sets up firmer). For me this was about 15-20 minutes. Add more liquid if necessary/desired during the cooking.
5. To serve, add freshly made biscuit to the bottom of bowl and ladle a generous amount of gravy over top. Add some green onions and go!

Potato Wedges
5 yukon gold potatoes (washed, skin on)
2-3 tsp smoked paprika
1/4 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp white pepper
black pepper

0. Preheat oven to 425 F.
1. Carefully cut potatoes in half lengthwise, then into wedges. Place into bowl of cold water and let sit a few minutes. Drain and pat potatoes as dry as you can.
2. Add potatoes back to bowl and add smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper, and black pepper. Toss.
3. Add 1-2 tsp of EVOO and toss. Place in a single layer on a large greased (I use coconut oil spray) baking sheet and bake 35 minutes to about an hour (huge range here because my oven is wonky and took the hour). Turn several times during baking and check the readiness at the 35 minute mark.
4. Remove from oven and toss with salt. Serve immediately with BBQ sauce or ketchup.