Something I Tried: The Perfect Pita

I love scouring the grocery store for local products (I especially enjoy my never-ending hunt for local kombucha). While I'm up in the DC area I found a new brand of one of my favorite dips/spreads/jack of all trades: hummus. The Perfect Pita is a local chain that serves up a Meditteranean-American menu (and has a vegan guide on their website), and sells their housemade hummus and tzatziki (contains milk) in supermarkets too.

There were several flavors to choose from including a special black bean and cilantro, but I opted for a classic. The roasted red pepper hummus is delightfully creamy. It sure does not pass the DQ Blizzard's smooth and unlike some national brands, would be all over your lap if you held the container upside down. Now that is how hummus should be! It has a perfectly balanced flavor between the smoky pepper, spice from the cayenne, and garlic. It doesn't have lemon, which I usually prefer, but I didn't miss the tanginess one bit! 

I enjoyed the hummus with some bread and Utz potato chips.  Utz were the chips of my childhood (and Herrs too, I ate a lot of chips, mmmkay?). Ahhh how I long for these crispy chips when I'm back in Texas. Looking at a distribution map, I recently found out they sell them in Louisiana, but that's as far West as they serve!