Something I Tried: Kosmic Kombucha

I think this is the first time I'm reviewing Kosmic Kombucha on the blog. Hooray! Kosmic is an Austin company, and I've had it many times in ATX, including on-tap at Wheatsville Co-op. Believe you me, it's absolute perfection paired with a store made vegan donut.

I picked up the Mint Julep flavor (from Whole Foods) because it was particularly hot, and white grape, lemon, orange, and mint sounded particularly refreshing. And it was. Mmmm this tea is lightly sweet, but packs a nice bit of mint (you can see the mint too, which I like).  They have tons of other delicious flavors, and I think their slogan should be taste the rainbow, because their lineup is so colorful. But vegans beware, some flavors do contain honey, so make sure to read the label (but isn't that instinct at this point?!?).