Something I Tried: King's Mild Kimchi

It's no secret I became a kimchi junkie after watching Mommy Tang's Youtube videos. I had eaten it before, but she makes it look so delicious. This happens to me with cartoons too, sometimes the food looks so delicious I think about it years after I've seen it. Anyone remember the scene from Oliver and Company where the little girl serves Oliver some cookie dough-looking food topped with whipped cream instead of kitty chow? Inspired chef-ery, but probably not recommended for companion animals.

As always I served my kimchi with some rice, tofu, and green onion. It's a classic combination that never fails. I have had the King's brand previously but it was so spicy, it turned my stomach. So make sure you grab the one with the Mild label if you can't handle the heat. This kimchi is indeed mild, both in spice and overall flavor. It was delicious, but I would prefer the cabbage to have retained some more crisp, like Banyan Foods. Instead it was a little rubbery but still had that great fermented sourness. Overall, this is a good option for a national brand and is always vegan (unlike a lot of brands that contain fish products).