Tonight I Dined: Pitango Gelato

I stopped by the Fell's Point Pitango Gelato location in Baltimore. All of their sorbets are vegan (not labelled in-store, but mentioned on the website), including the creamy dark chocolate! It was a hot day, so even though I'm the first to jump at the really creamy flavors, I opted for all fruit this time.

I got their smallest size which was $5.99 with tax, plus tip puts it over $6. That's pretty pricey, so while this can't be an everyday dessert for me, it's a high quality product for a treat once in a while. I ordered half local rhubarb, half tangerine. The rhubarb was lightly sweet and lightly's one of my favorite flavors because of it's unique subtleness. The tangerine, however, was in-your-face and absolutely scrumptious!