Something I Tried: Liz Lovely Cookies

Liz Lovely cookies have been around since 2003, and like Alternative Baking Co., were one of the first vegan cookies I had. There was something so exotic about Liz Lovely cookies, especially the Cowgirl flavor which was my favorite. Upon re-tasting the cookie now, I'm realizing that novel flair was the crumb-iness from it being gluten-free and made with rice flour. I didn't put two and two together back then, because it was probably the only GF baked good I had up to that I didn't think to attribute the difference in flavor and texture to the flour.

The Cowgirl cookie is a GF chocolate chip cookie with a drizzling of chocolate. The chocolate drizzle is hard and I love how it breaks off into little chunks. This is a really delicious cookie, no doubt, but I always prefer the texture of non-GF cookies. They also have a chocolate chocolate chip, ginger snap, peanut butter, and snickerdoodle, so there's something for every taste!