Something I Tried: Alternative Baking Co. Cookies

Alright labelling this post as "Something I Tried" isn't really fair...because I've been eating these Alternative Baking Company's vegan cookies for over a decade. In fact, my favorite spot to study on my college campus in Philly was at the bookstore for the sole reason that they sold these cookies and I could treat myself...cookies are brain food, right?

By far my favorite flavor ABC offers is the espresso chocolate chip, but unfortunately it isn't always carried down here in Houston. I picked up this peanut butter chocolate chip one from Whole Foods and it was $2.49 (depending on where you get it, you'll be probably paying between $2 and $3 per cookie). This cookie is weighty and on a good day it's two servings (like it's supposed to be)...on a bad day the whole thing's in my mouth in one go. I've never been disappointed by these cookies, and it's so nice to see a vegan company in business for so long. Plus they've got a gluten-free line, if that's your thing.