Something I Tried: Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger

Hold on folks, it's another Gardein review for your reading pleasure! Often the way to determine if a brand is worth it's weight in the plant-based market, is if they master the simple veggie burger. Gardein's The Ultimate Beefless Burger, has a pretty big claim to live up to. So let's begin, shall we?

I didn't prepare the burger using the suggested method, but instead popped it in the microwave, which is an accepted, but not preferred method of preparation. This burger lets off a lot of juice when it's microwaved...the plate looked like a crime scene. I don't think this had any effect on the flavor or texture of the burger, but I had to dirty a second plate (and as someone with no dishwasher...every little bit counts!). I also think if I cooked it in a pan it would release these juices as well, so I'm not blaming the nukeing.

I served the burger on a bollilo roll with ketchup, mustard, spinach and tomato. The burger is delicious in it's own right, tastier, and thicker than a traditional patty. It's kind of unfair to compare it to the Beyond Burger, but if this one believes it's the ultimate mock beef patty, I must set the record straight. Protein per ounce, they are roughly similar, but that's not how I measure a superior patty. The Gardein is also cheaper, and tbh I would rank it as one of my top burgers in the absence of the the Beyond Burger. In total, Beyond is great for special occasions and Gardein could be a delicious option for all occasions.