Mushrooom Bourguignon

I don't always cook French cuisine, but when I do I make it deliciously vegan.** Anyone else miss that guy since his retirement in 2016? Anyway, I rarely cook French inspired food, but tonight I present mushroom bourguignon. I found the recipe on Simple Veganista and stayed true to the recipe pretty much and served it over barley. The recipe suggested farro, but I used barley which was 80 cents a pound (the farro must have been organic because it was $8 a bag). With that price the ancient grain will just have to wait another day! This dish was delicious, hearty, and simple to make. While it was quick, the 2 lbs of crimini mushrooms were a little pricey, so I don't think I'll be making it all the time...only when I want to impress!
Le Dish