An Ode To HEB

I rave about the Texas (and Mexico) grocery chain HEB all the time to my sister (she has actually been when she's visited and I think we both agree that the Safeways and Stop and Shops of the North do not compare). Ahh yes, HEB, also known as the Here Everything's Better store, and was actually originally named the H.E. Butt Grocery Company after the founding family. I see why they went with the initials HEB instead. Enough history, let's get to the goods.

One of the privileges of living in Texas is having access to some of the finest grocery store guacamole on earth. I'm not kidding (and not crazy), that I prefer HEB guac over restaurant guac. Plus guac is expensive, so if you can get a great quality guac at the store instead of eating out you will save some dinero. Or you could make your own, which I have plenty of times. It's just not as good as HEB's. Sigh.

To add to their awesome Tex-Mex repertoire, they recently started selling single serve fresh salsa cups (they are the 1.25 oz size, not the large containers). These are both convenient and THE BEST TASTING grocery salsa ever. Trust me, I've tried a lot. The medium is spicy enough...I repeat, do not touch the hot unless you don't plan to keep your tastebuds.

But why now did I decide to dedicate an entire blog post to this grocery chain? Well it is because they last time I went shopping I spied some fresh baked naan with a special vegan label on the packaging*. I love this! This is the best for two reasons, (1) I don't have to read the ingredients, and (2) big, bold labels let the non-vegan world know that there are vegan options aplenty. The more vegan options people see, the perception that it is hard or expensive to be vegan can change. The naan was fluffy and chewy and absolutely scrumptious straight from the oven. I used it to dip some vegetable curry, and it was a nice break from my usual rice. Drooling just thinking about it.

Sorry if you don't have an HEB near you, I guess you will have to visit Texas. Just don't come in the next 5 months. It's too darn hot. You will thank me.

*I'm not sure if this has been rolled out at all locations, but I found this at the Montrose location.