Pesto Arugula Salad

This recipe is one I found on Foolproof Living. And while I normally don't drool over salad recipes, the picture of the salad looked absolutely irresistible to me. I had to have it. In essence it's cooked cannelini beans (I started with dry beans) tossed in arugula-parm pesto and then served warm over more arugula and diced red onion. I would recommend not to skimp on the vegan parm, it gives that salty complex flavor (umami?) you will want here. While I'm usually an advocate for the nutty/noochy Parma brand (or making something similar in your food processor), I picked up some Go Veggie brand because it is the most similar to grated Parmesan in look, smell, and taste.

My salad came out as perfectly as I could have hoped. It was creamy and nutty and the wilted arugula greens are a real favorite. I learned that it was better to dip in the crispy hot-from-the-oven bread than serve it on top, but this came after I snapped my pic. As you can see on the pic below, it doesn't do justice to this wonderful meal. This was one of my favorite things I've had in a while and the recipe is incredibly tasty and quick (as long as you have your beans pre-soaked).