Tonight I Dined: Whole Foods

Buying an entire vegan pizza is an investment (especially if it's just you, and you can't split the cost). Often a medium pizza is $16-$20 in Houston. I'm glad to have the options (*see my guide below*), but sometimes ya girl just wants a nibble of pie. Enter Whole Foods. While not all Whole Foods locations serve vegan pizza by the slice (all seem to have non-vegan pizza options though), the Upper Kirby location in Houston does. This is more of an updated review because previously I wrote about how I was disappointed by the mish-mosh of toppings thrown on the pizza. Although the flavor will rotate depending on the chef of the day, they really stepped it up on this slice. It's a Daiya mozzarella cheeze with roasted garlic and fresh basil. Simplicity is sometimes the best way to go. This combo is tried and true, and absolutely tasty. The slice is $3.50 or 2 for $6 and it's hard to tell from the pic, but it's huge. If they keep it up with this deliciousness I will be coming here once a week.

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