I am so excited about this dish (and all the leftovers I get to nom on..because this makes several pounds of food). Koshary, the national dish of Egypt contains ALL of my favorite ingredients: rice, lentils, garbanzos, pasta, tomato and fried onions! While the dish doesn't seem traditional, I mean, there's elbow macaroni, it does have roots from cuisines of the region. Check out this NPR article for some details of the origins of the dish.

I found the koshary recipe on The Mediterranean Dish blog, and it was vegan as-is, Huzzah! It is simple to make, but you have to orchestrate several pots on the stove at once. So keep a watchful eye and especially take care in frying up in the onions. You will want to cook them for a longer time over a lower heat, so they caramelize all the way through, instead of crisp/burn on the outside. This was savory, lightly spiced, and so hearty. I loved the base of the lentils and rice...but the onions on top, are the guilty pleasure for sure.
Magnificent (and heavy!)